Lauren Anne Yule is a breath of fresh new country air.

Lauren Anne Yule,

is a 24-year-old songbird from Cavan area of Peterborough, who highlighted the 9th Annual Transition Town Peterborough’s 2019 Purple Onion Festival on September 22nd as the official opening entertainer.

She gave the fans her best new originals and crowd-pleasing covers, leaving her performance nothing short of a stellar display of passion. Her own songs were filled with new musical allowances she makes inside her songs for the sake of love, and the way we all compromise our boundaries, to make love work. She gave us the concept of realizing and accepting that pain is a natural process of love sometimes, she also sang us a message of hope. Her willingness to bare her soul in her songs, gives us a dynamic look into her very heart that emotes her vocal strength.

Sharing some hot new songs that she penned recently like Change Your Mind, Cover Up & Back Then got the fans revved. Her newest pieces do not stray from her familiar twangy & rich earthy sounds, as Lauren is a deep feeler who gives it her all on her passionate views when it comes to raw emotions and perspective points, which draws a connection with her listener’s.

Stay tuned for her debut single announcement being recorded by Barry Haggarty from Haggarty Sound Studio.

Lauren Anne Yule is the next country music icon on the horizon and 1 of the most exciting emerging country artists to hit the scene that sings to us from the heart and is a breath of fresh new country air with a message, “to always listen too your heart and the rest will come easy.”

Catch her next performance in Port Perry, on Tuesday November 5th “Live On The Breezeway,” at The Lions Club starting at 6:30pm, live on Facebook! Stay in tune with Lauren at