2 time Wire Megazine Award nominee, Dio Tadin, releases his 1st single – ‘California’ from his 1st SOLO project.

Serendipity is an occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, and that pretty much describes how I met Dio Tadin back in 2013. With music as his passion and drive, Dio co-founded a band entitled Clear Stone, collaborating with brother Dimitri Tadin and the adventure began. Dio’s first guitar was bought in a seedy old long forgotten Toronto pawn shop, in the now trendy Junction neighbourhood of the city. Dimitri saved his Christmas money and got a Sunburst Yamaha SG as a gift for his brother. Many guitars later….. and a few years too….. they pooled their resources, risked everything and decided to pursue their musical muse.
In late 2004, with the release of their first EP, Broken Words, the brothers Tadin jumped into the local area music scene, drawing crowds to top Toronto venues including Lee’s Palace and the Horseshoe. Over the course of the following year, new song ideas began to develop. It was time to get back to the studio. Drawn by a growing arts community, the brothers relocated to Hamilton and began work on their first, full-length album. Shortly after the big move, Dio was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Everything came to a full stop. The brothers shifted from pursuing their dreams to survival. The music gave way until Dio was able to fully recover.

In 2008, the brothers met drummer Tone Valcic; they began the task of picking up and starting over. A second recording effort was attempted, however, the project was later abandoned and never released. Realizing that somewhere in the search for the right direction, the soul of their songs had gotten trampled and obscured; all in pursuit of an elusive and ultimately misguided would-be-perfectionism. Sometimes it takes losing everything and hitting rock bottom to discover, on an intrinsic level, what it’s really all about. The hardest part of the growing process is keeping faith in one’s self, while letting go of all illusions and striving to keep it real.

In the spring of 2011, opportunity knocked and the brothers were introduced to guitarist, Andrew Aldridge. With Andrew now on board, Dio, Dimitri, and Tone decided to start from scratch. They went back to the basics, just the four of them: no producers, no engineers, no outside help. They determined to give it their most passionate, honest and heartfelt commitment, in an effort to create a series of songs for a new album. Recorded over a one year period, their 1st full-length album, Suppose to Be was born, representing the music that began, documenting the journey taken. Totally inspired by musical icons John Lennon, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, the band showcases it’s root influences. With their unique blend of retro rock, classic melody and introspective lyrics Clear Stone delivered organic performances that seamlessly breathed together. Each member of this eclectic group was a success in their own right, and their story has been full of unexpected twists and turns. Also, adding in multi-instrumentalist son Tristan Tadin, and music therapist/wife Christina to the mix, adding in that unique family warmth to their one-of-a-kind rock n roll.

2014 was a big year for Dio and Clear Stone, they became the TOP 10 Hamilton-area acts who made it to the third round of CBC’s Searchlight competition with song LOVE TAKES TIME from their
inaugural full-length album Supposed To Be, followed up with 2014’s inclusion of 2 more hits from this album with Constance and Happy, making its circulation throughout Canada via CBC Radio 1.

Followed yet again with 2 nominations for Single and Rock Band of the Year and a live performance on the Wire Megazine Awards 2015.

2018, Dio loaded up their truck and they moved to Beverley (part theme song for Beverly Hillbillies), kidding, it was actually New York, the rest they say is history. Both Dio and Christina wishing to fulfill and pursue their dreams and passions in both the musical engineering field and music therapy, currently based out of Beacon New York, part of the Hudson Valley (Pete Seger’s town) where Dio created his studio entitled: Out of The Blue Sound. Today, there’s tons to celebrate with Dio’s 1st Solo efforts released his 1st newest single, California, featuring son Tristan (also known on the music circuit as T.S Tadin) on piano/backing vocals and drums with brother Dimitri on bass and Andrew Aldridge on some electric guitar. “I will be releasing several singles first throughout this year, then followed up by an album,” states Dio.

We wish you much success in your future endeavors Dio and the Tadin family, after all, when music is your soul, your breath, and your life, there is no way anyone can stop you from following your heart’s passion, thanks for the music Dio! Let’s show him some love Peterborough, give it a listen, alike and a share!!! https://open.spotify.com/album/3chnpu0hSkjTe2minPw9qT?si=siUsUwxrT5GR_si7Fcaw8A&fbclid=IwAR3tu6Yd6U-f7aDXhp8rCD2dgdTwA7OYYFdSnJWCRJCLAk9s9HtaaBdO_dc