ICONIC CANADIAN MUSIC LEGENDS UNLEASH their 7th studio album; their 1st in 8 years!! Congratulations SPOONS.

The Great Hall has stood tall majestically as a gathering space since 1890, amidst the downtown Toronto urban Queen St West at Dovercourt area, which was the perfect location for a musical party with Canada’s music Icons, SPOONS presented by MRG Concerts & BOOM 97.3 FM.  Thousands flocked up the red carpeted staircase to the ball room to deafening club beats as Michael Williams, former original VJ of Much Music, now radio personality, got the party pumping, revving us up with classic 80’s tunes leading up to the introduction of the SPOONS special CD release performance.  Embarking on their set that featured virtually all the  SPOONS popular hits like Nova Heart, Arias and Symphonies, Romantic Traffic, Waterline, Snow Globes, Old Emotions, Tell No Lies, Bridges Over Boarders,  rotating every few songs with new hits from their latest album New Day New World.  Infusing us with a New Day, All The Wrong Things (In The Right Places), Life On Demand, Paint by Number Day featuring Sandy and her daughter Alexis, was truly filled with emotional magic.  You watch the audience, if they were not holding up a cell phone their hands where clutched to their heart in aww, mesmerized with nostalgia.   New hits kept coming like Perfect Exception, For The First and Last Time, Landing Lights, Singularity, totally captivating us all night long, not loosing the audiences attention once.  Les Guepes said it best in 1848, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  I relate this phrase to the Canadian Music Icons, SPOONS as this 7th studio masterpiece New Day New World, is their 1st album drop in just over 8 years since 2011’s Static in Transmission, yet, their new songs contain familiar old school Spoons flavour, even incorporating the addictive doo doots in Beautiful Trap just like their popular piece Romantic Traffic, giving this album a back to the future feel.  These Canadian innovators of synth new wave still lead the 80s nostalgic union 39 years later, still selling out venues and gaining new and younger fans along the way.  Delivering that impressive high energy adrenaline, showing no signs of slowing down, they truly are an engaging phenomenon. 

To describe Spoons true essence is like capturing an infinite measure, both a creative workbook and an authoritative musical reference.  Their stage presence is profoundly  moving and a pertinent one.  Their perfected sound measurements of rhythm and supportive harmony, play a crucial role in defining the sound of 80s synth pop culture.  I reflect back to a previous interview with Gord and Sandy of the SPOONS, where I asked: “You have been in the music industry nearing 4 decades, did you ever imagine your career would unfold as it has? Also, did you ever think your songs would have influenced the world as they have?

A) GORD: ”It was surprising, in many ways. We were lucky to be part of the 80s. There was nothing like it; it was a fun and crazy time, kind of like 10 years of Halloween!  We can laugh about the hair and clothes we wore, it was all part of that era, but we’re very proud of the music that came out of it.”   New wave 80’s synth Pioneers crafted their talents as a strong part of musical history providing their foundation for their success and longevity.  

And yet once again, I reflect back to the same SPOONS interview where I asked them what they believed was your claim to fame and your secret to longevity?

A)  GORD: “We’ve stayed the same people we’ve always been.  And we are as happy to see our fans as they are to see us!  It’s like a reunion of sorts, definitely not a chore. I love to meet our fans and to hear their stories of how our music affected their lives; how it brought relationships together, helped them through difficult times growing up. It makes poetry of our lives.”             A)  SANDY: “I think we were just fortunate, in the right place at the right time and to have the opportunity to share our music with as many people as possible.  We have longevity because we continue to believe in ourselves and our fans still believe in us. Without our fans, our listeners, we wouldn’t be out there.  Gord and I are really good friends and performance partners.  We started out in high school as boyfriend and girlfriend but, in the end, just love performing live together.

During this show Sandy perfected her magic on a couple of bass solos and got to introduce ‘Stanley’ her NS Double Steinberger upright bass to the eager audience that surrounded the stage.

As I made my rounds snapping shots from different points throughout the hall I over heard 2 young ladies coming in from the ladies room and screamed…”OH MY GOD, come on…..that’s the song…. hurry up” which brought my heart to skip a beat…after all that’s what SPOONS music does with a cerebral flare.  Catchy notes/phrases get lodged in your head, and you can’t stop singing it.  What made this stellar show super special for me, was my fellow Peterboroughians were the professional light techs for this CD release bash, that’s right, non other than the spectacular Porter Sound’s Bill Porter and Nick Miles!!

Left to Right: Porter Sound’s Nick Miles, Bill Porter and SPOONS Soundman and road manager Johnny Matusiak.

Winding down the evening with 2 new pieces End Story and New Day II and the audience was not having any of the goodbye vibes just yet!  Roars and cheers surfed thru the crowd, chanting loudly their appreciation and desire for more.   Out they came with huge smiles on their faces with Gord saying, “Next year will be our 40th and as long as we have all of you, we will still be here.”  Driving right into the encore with Bridges Over Boarders into a mini slice of Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood right into a 2019 dub step version of Nova Heart, sending us home motivated in the rock n roll frame of mind. Their new sound is just what the song states “It drives me on, and on and on and on, it’s chemical, it’s physical, it’s repeatable.  It’s all we ever want.  It’s animal, its unstoppable, it’s REPEATABLE.” This album is a definitive, you won’t be disappointed by picking up your physical CD/Vinyl or digital copy of New Day New World at: https://www.spoonsmusic.com/new-day-new-world or thru Sparks Music, Apple Music/ITunes, Google Play or Spotify.

Stay in tune with the SPOONS https://www.spoonsmusic.com @ Facebook and Twitter. Catch them in a city nearest you.