INTERVIEW with GTA’s Music PRODIGY, Anthony Borges Caetano!

I was thrilled to forward some standard interview questions in the direction of GTA’s musician prodigy, the seasoned, yet youthful, multi instrumentalist extraodinaire, Anthony Borges Caetano.

You are not just a multi-instrumentalist but, you project your talents as a multi-genre artist as well.  When did you pick up your very first instrument? And which instrument  was it?
ANTHONY: “Hi Deb, thank you for this interview opportunity.
My first instrument, that I picked up, was an electric guitar, that my parents got for me when I was 10 years old at Steve’s music store, in downtown Toronto and I also play drums and bass guitar.”

When did you know that music was going to be a huge part of your life?
ANTHONY: “For me, I realized music was going to be a big part of my life, and that music was what I wanted to do, when I was at my first concert.  My dad took me to see Guns N Roses at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. It was when their Chinese Democracy album got released, I believe in 2008, which was also just after I received my first guitar, at the age of 10. I thought the concert was the coolest thing I ever seen.  The energy the musicians had on stage, the way the crowd was all into it, was something I had never seen anywhere before. I’ll never forget when the first song started for Guns N Roses.  They got on stage at midnight, their stage was set up with a set of stairs, with flames shooting up from the sides and the lights were all off.  DJ Ashba, their guitarist at the time, was going up the stairs, with the flames going off and playing the awesome intro riffs to Chinese Democracy by himself.  Him being the only person on stage, to me, I thought, that was the most coolest thing ever and it was at that moment in time that I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Have you seen a change in the music industry since you started your career?
ANTHONY: “Me personally, I haven’t noticed much of a difference for the better or worse.  When I first got into the music industry, I was 15 years old when I joined my first band, Aliens Ashore, and we had so much fun.  We played with lots of cool bands –  LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Killer Dwarfs, MOXY,  Honeymoon Suite and much more.  Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have been in several other bands. I also have been in charge of booking shows, where I have dealt with many booking agents.  I have also set up shows and tours with some of my other bands.  I am always looking for that new place, once I do, I enjoy negotiating with the booker and working out the conditions and this task has not changed a whole lot from when I entered the industry.” 

What do you like best and worst about the music industry?
ANTHONY: “The best part of the music industry is just the reward of getting to go on stage or recording an album, and getting to do what you love, it makes everything worth it. Also, the opportunity to meet fans, other bands, where you end up making friends in the industry that also become your friends off the stage as well. The worst part of the industry would be the number of people that you come in contact with, that try to take advantage of you. They simply just use you for their own needs, like you are disposable to them, you are just a means to an end.  I find that this comes from both ends – from the musicians that you can be in a band with for years together and also from booking agents and managers.  It is also very disappointing to me on the limited number of young musicians in the industry.  I wish there would be more kids, who would pick up an instrument and start jamming in bands together, as this is how to keep live music going.”

Who is Anthony outside of music? Tell us your likes, passions, hobbies?
ANTHONY: “Outside of music, I’m a huge hockey fan and also a fan of European soccer. I love traveling to new places, going on long road trips.  My goal is to travel to each city with an NHL team and see a hockey game there.   I have been collecting pucks from each arena that I visit with hopes I can achieve my goal.  So far, I have been lucky with my touring schedule to be able to do this.”

Playing in 3 prestigious GTA acts, how do you juggle it all and when do you find time to actually be Anthony?

ANTHONY: “Luckily, I have been able to surprisingly juggle all my the acts that I am in, pretty well.  The easiest way I find to do that is by using band rehearsal time as a rehearsal and not a practice.  If we all come in prepared, we have all practiced at home, then that makes rehearsals efficient.   You will not need to book, as much rehearsal time, this way.”

Name 2 of your most memorable musical moments on the road or on stage?
ANTHONY: “The most memorable musical moment that comes to mind was at the NAMM show in Los Angeles. I had a friend who introduced me to Doug Aldrich, guitarist for so many legends,  like Whitesnake, Dio, and currently the Dead Daisies.  Doug was at one of the booths, advertising for a company there.  When I got there, he grabbed one of his guitars that he had there and I got to jam with him, definitely a moment I’ll never forget. Also, getting to open up for some of my favorite bands like LA GUNS, RATT, LYNCH MOB, FASTER PUSSYCAT has always been such an unreal feeling, as these are all bands I grew up listening to and still do to this day.  The fact that some of these guys know who I am, well it’s pretty awesome.”

How would you define success?
ANTHONY: “Just being able to do what you love and being able to make a living out of it, there is nothing better you can ask for.”

As a multi-instrumental music prodigy, how old were you when you 1st got endorsed? and with whom? Also, how many companies endorse you now? and how does it make you feel to be supported as a talented musician this way, as you know, not many artists get these honors or opportunities? 
ANTHONY: “My first endorsement came to me when I was 18 years old. The first company that gave me this amazing opportunity was EMG Pickups. To this day, it is still unreal to see my name on their artist list, next to names like Metallica, Megadeth, Zakk Wylde, as these are some of my favorite artists. I’m currently endorsed by EMG Pickups, SIT Strings, Sinister Guitar Picks, and Rock Stock Pedals. It is truly amazing to have these companies who encourage and support your work and keep you going. I have used gear from these companies since I started playing, and now all these years later to have them support me, is unbelievable.” 

What’s next for Anthony? Where do you seen yourself in 5 and 10 years?
“Always onward and upward.  There is always a new goal, that you can set for yourself.  My achievement that I would like to accomplish is to tour the world, always continuing to make and play music.”

 I truly appreciate your time today Anthony, it really opened my eyes to your realm, so insightful!!! I have 1 last 2 part question to pop! Who would you say gave you the most valuable advice when entering the music biz? Also, do you have any advice for young, inspiring up and coming musicians?

ANTHONY: “I have been lucky enough, when I first started playing live, to play with some older/experienced musicians, who have been around in the industry for 15+ years.  They gave me lots of great advice when I first started out, and I think being surrounded by that experience has helped me tremendously from the beginning, to get to where I am now. 
My advice for young and inspiring up and coming musicians would be –  you got to love what you’re doing,  you need to hang out at your local music venues and make lots of friends in the music industry.  Also, hang out with other bands and be prepared for lots of hard work and disappointment, as there are definitely lots of ups and downs in the music industry. You will need lots of determination and focus in order to stick with it, but, it is a great reward at the end. Thanks.” ~Anthony Borges Caetano


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