May 22nd – HIT AFTER HIT TOUR 2019 featuring George Canyon, Doc Walker, Charlie Major & Manny Blu.

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ACCOLADES/AWARDS: George Canyon is a Canadian treasure who is a 2 x JUNO, 7 x CCMA, 2 x Music Industry of Nova Scotia, 8 x (ECMA), a Paris France Music Box, and a Canadian Radio Music Awarded legend that sports 11 studio albums, one compilation album, 34 singles, and 24 music videos. 29 of his singles have appeared on the RPM, Radio & Records, and Billboard country charts in Canada, including 16 top ten. In February 2019, he released his single ‘Out Of This Town’  all on the heels of his  12th album South Side of Heaven released in 2018 which delivers covers like Eric Church’s “Your Old Man’s Son” and the Stompin’ Tom classic “The Hockey Song,” along with Falling,” the 1998 song by Bruce Guthro, blended in with originals like: What If It Was, No One Has Eyes Like You to name but a few.   I simply adore his past hit ‘Drinkin Thinkin’

Before the stage lights, awards, and movie gigs, music was always an aspiration for George. But his family, wife Jennifer and children Kale and Madison, came first, so the dream had to be put aside as he worked as a bylaw officer to support them. However, he never gave up hope and in 2004, with Jennifer’s support, George set out to compete on U.S.A. Network’s “Nashville Star”, an American Idol-type show with a country twist. Unsurprising to no one who knew of the talent and passion George held, he was a hit. And while he came very close to winning the show it was clear that he had already won the hearts of country music fans throughout the world.  From there the Nova Scotia native started his career as an international music icon. The appearance on Nashville Star landed him a record contract and his breakout album, 2004’s “One Good Friend” climbed the charts and became certified Gold.

CHARITY:  George is so much more than an award-winning musical talent. Helping others has always been a huge priority for him, particularly for children with Diabetes and his work as spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).   It’s a cause close to Canyon’s heart, starting from when he himself was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes at age of 14. A proud air cadet with ambitions on serving his country, George was told his diagnosis would make his dreams of being a pilot in the Air Force impossible. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. In 2009, after learning more about what it means to live with Type-1 Diabetes, making adjustments to his everyday diet and lifestyle, and embracing the advancements in insulin pump technology, George blazed the trail for diabetics by passing all the medical tests required to get his pilot’s license.  To celebrate, that year he took to the skies on his own plane for his ongoing project “The Sky’s Not The Limit”, taking George across Canada, hosting inspirational talks and live performances to share with young kids with Type-1 Diabetes that a diagnosis doesn’t mean an end to their dreams. A man who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve, George’s goal for his work with JDRF can be best summed up in his own song (and theme song for JDRF) “I Believe in Angels”: “I pray someday they will see that they can be anything they want to be”.

In addition to his work with JDRF, George is an ardent supporter of our military, having performed many times for troops overseas and even releasing a moving tribute with the single “I Want You to Live”, which touches on the very heartbreaking fact that in fighting for our country, some of our troops won’t make it back home. The music video for the single features several real soldiers talking about their lives and career, putting faces to the group of people working to make our country safe.  In light of his ongoing support for our military, George was appointed Honorary Colonel for 14 Wing Greenwood Air Force Base in Nova Scotia in 2008 and was also made the first ever Colonel Commandant of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets by The Honourable Peter MacKay, former Minister of National Defense in 2011. He was also a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in honour of his ongoing work with the Air Cadets & other charities. He was also recognized by CCMA Canadian Country Music Association with the Humanitarian Award in recognition of his work with JDRF and the Canadian military.

ACTOR: Outside of his music and charitable work, many people might also recognize George as Charlie Wells in the hit television show Heartland, the head forest ranger in Trailer Park Boys, a fighter pilot in Man of Steel, and more recently, the teen idol in the stage adaptation of Grease. George even played Bull Shelton in the Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated original movie “One Starry Christmas”, which featured his character performing the original song “The Ballad of Wild Bill” to viewers throughout North America.

FAMILY:  With all that he does, one might think that George doesn’t often have time for anything else, but they would be so very wrong. When asked he will happily admit that being a husband and dad is still his #1 job. Since day one family has been his first priority and is a constant theme in his works, even celebrating his children by recording songs specifically for them, “Madi’s Song” from Somebody Wrote Love and “Just Like You” from What I Do.

Hot off the heels of his 2018 release of ‘Southside of Heaven’, George’s new single ‘Out of This Town’ from his forthcoming EP produced by Scott Cooke, is available on all digital platforms on February 22nd and hits radio airwaves March 8. George is also thrilled to hit the road on a National Tour with his “Hit After Hit” Tour 2019 joined by Doc Walker, Charlie Major and newcomer Manny Blu.

It’s almost poetic that a man who wears a single iconic hat would be a man of so many. The identities of talented musician, humanitarian, actor, husband, father, and proud Canadian all make up to form a true legend and a star. And like the heroes in those western movies, George Canyon is doing his bit to make the world a better place. 

HIT AFTER HIT TOUR 2019 features George Canyon, Doc Walker, Charlie Major and
Manny Blu  is a country music group from Westbourne, Manitoba, known for their radio hits “I Am Ready” and “The Show is Free.”   This Juno recipient and 13 x CCMA winners sport 2 compilations cd’s and 9 studio albums with current 2017’s ‘Weathervane’ 1993 Charlie’s debut album The Other Side saw all six singles released from that album appear as No. 1’s on the RPM Country chart and the rest is history. 26 years into Quebec native Charlie Major’s legendary career he has released  7 studio and 4 compilation albums, 33 singles with 16 of these 33 reaching TOP 10 status in the Canadian Country music charts.  Known for hits like I’m Gonna Drive You Out of My Mind, It Can’t Happen To Me (a remake of this number one hit was released on August 17, 2018. The song which was originally released as Major’s fifth single from his 1993 debut album The Other Side is celebrating its 26th anniversary, proceeds from the new song are donated to MADD Canada, the new version of the song features fellow artists; Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Johnny Reid, Gord Bamford, Jess Moskaluke, Derek Miller, Jason Blaine, Tim Hicks, The Road Hammers, Doc Walker, Bobby Wills, Brett Kissel, Jason McCoy, Aaron Pritchett, Aaron Goodvin, and Tebey) and It Can’t Happen to Me appears on Charlie’s 2018 released More Of The Best (Greatest Hits 2).  My favorites of his over the years would be: I Do It For the Money, When You’re Good You’re Good and Friday Nights On You just to name but a few. Manny Blu is pleased to announce the release of his debut studio album Leave It Like It Is and his 2019 debut single X on My Heart.

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