Peace Be With You~Jeanne L Thompson’s newest release !

Photo by Deb Draper

Jeanne L Thompson is no stranger to the stage and music is 1 of her biggest passions. She has been blessed with the gift of a wordsmith, writing poetry and music has kept her both alive and well in body, mind, and spirit. She has also been blessed to know and play alongside many great musicians including her late husband Buzz Thompson, meeting Levon Helm, Kris Kristofferson and Garth Hudson of The Band, just to name but a few. “I have lost many people in this life but the passing of my friend and soul sister Dolores O’Riordan hit me like a ton of bricks and here we are 2 years later with the jewels that have been birthed as a result, so much love. “I am the forest, the wind and the song Music is my love, it’s where I belong, expressed Jeanne L Thompson, poet-writer-singer of The Peace Train. Not only is she a singer/song-writer but, she is a well known passionate poet, and a caring numerologist as well She has written and recorded 12 of 13 original songs with husband Buzz in 2005, on an album called It’s Yesterday Once More with Buzz Thompson and The Honeybees (featured Buzz on guitar/vocals (Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks), Brent Bailey on Keys (The Hawks), JP Hovercraft on bass, Robin Hawkins on guitar and on the last song Life on The Fly Robin did the original recordings, with Doug Hewie on drums).

This is Canada’s own Mr. and Mrs. Soul opening up for Ronnie Hawkins circa 2005.

The seeded idea for the band name, The Peace Train, was founded back in June of 2017. “Tami J Wilde phones me and said that she and Jimmy would like to work with me on some of my music. I hadn’t even told her about the name. She sent me a track that she had recorded so I could hear the quality of the recording. I laughed when I saw the title as it was Ride That Train. This song was also featured on The Peace Train because the vision for the page is a musical collective, so I encourage other artists to share their original works for peace with us. When I decided on the name for the band, little did I know that the first CD would be all about my friend Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries? When she tragically passed on January 15th, 2018, the songs began flowing in earnest. This project has been two years in the making. Working with Ryan and Sam Weber of The Weber Brothers Productions was fitting and a totally amazing magical experience. I would get the songs and the melodies for the rhythm, record it and send it on to Ryan and Sam, then the grassroots magic began and soon as I laid my tracks down I was blessed to have the wizards take over. I am so pleased with the results and so grateful that I could work with two star men who have been part of my life since they landed in Peterborough on a mission to see the Hawk, Jeanne stated.”

Jimmy Deck performed his classical guitar with Tami J Wilde on rhythm guitar and back up vocals for the first song Behind Glass and The Weber Brothers performed as well, the remainder of the 9 songs, with James McKenty mastering of the CD. The cover art was handwoven by Rejoice Tiedyes which was actually the artwork for a t-shirt that Jeanne had made especially for Buzz, Canada’s own Mr. Soul (as Ronnie called him). Then, the 9th song on the album, Fly Little Birdie Fly, is a song Jeanne penned on Dolores’s birthday and a special message on the 8th song So I’d Believe is actually a gratitude song thanking all of the wonderful soul family on the other side, 1st Jan Schoute then Dolores then Buzz. “No wonder I had so much fodder for the material,” mentioned Jeanne. Also, Susan Gerards from Amsterdam did the cover art and I met her on the Dolores fan page and hosted her here in Canada for 10 days starting on Dolores’s Sept 6th Birthday.

Jeanne never ceases to amaze me. Always shining her beacon of bright light and love everywhere she goes with everyone she meets.

Jeanne shares a smile with Iconic photographer to the stars, John Rowlands – by Deb Draper

This new release for Jeanne L Thompson and The Peace Train guides you on a 1 of a kind journey. Hurry don’t delay, hop on board this fast-moving train and pick up your copy today as it’s official folks.

Upon the 2nd anniversary of Dolores O’Riordan’s passing (January 15th, 2018), we had a birth. Thank you for all the love and support for the last 2 years, there are two ways to get your Peace Be With You CD~Much Love and Gratitude,” Jeanne

A work of instrumental genius blended rich in complexity and tranquility, Jeanne’s most compelling expression yet.

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